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ARF July report

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Hello everyone!  For July, the amount of monthly donations was $1138.00 and expenses totaled $3058.00.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.   For several months this year our expenses have exceeded our donations.  Donations to date including July are $13,104.00 verses expenses of $16,789.00.  This has resulted in our bank account taking a pretty big hit.  We can only continue the work we do with the kind donations from the community.  Please consider making a donation today – regardless of the amount – the animals thank you and of course so do we!


We had a fantastic month for adoptions with 8 dogs and 2 cats finding their forever homes. 


A total of 14 cats were taken to the clinic and sterilized thru our feral cat program in July.  You can make a donation to this invaluable program by going to our website.  Reference “cat trapping” and your donation will go directly for food and medical expenses for the ferals. 



August bingo will take place on the 24th.  We are heading back to Big Daddy’s and I think this will be our home for bingo for a while.  The venue and Chris are very accommodating and he’s working on some specials for bingo participants.  Time is from 1:00pm-3:00pm. 

Come early, get your preferred seat and order some lunch.  Happy Hour drink prices will also be offered.   Bring all your friends!  The more that attend the bigger the cash prizes!


ARF shirts

We have recently ordered shirts for all of our volunteers so we can be easily identified at the market and other functions.  Several people have expressed interest in purchasing an ARF t-shirt.  If you would be interested ($15) please contact us by email on arf.boquete@gmail.com.


Monthly Adoption Event recap: 

Thanks to everyone who attended our adoption event.  Two cats were adopted, and we had some interest in a few of the dogs as well.  If you have friends or family thinking about getting a dog or cat, please let them know about our monthly adoption event which will be held at the library on the first Saturday of every month.


Pancake Breakfast:  On August 24th we held another successful pancake breakfast at the Amigos de Animales Building. Not only was it lots of fun with a great crowd and a delight to our taste-buds, but it was also a success in terms of adoptions. We had one confirmed adoption of a kitty and one for a dog. We have also 3 pending adoptions as a result of the breakfast event. Again, a big thank you for everybody that attended and also to all those that helped out. Only thanks to you can we make a difference….every little bit helps!


Recent rescue – Price:

Two of our volunteers recently rescued “Price” from Price Smart in David.  This poor girl was full of ticks and she is having problems with mobility in her back legs.  She will be given all the necessary care, and we hope she will recover.  She also has a tumor that will need to be removed once she is healthy.  Please consider donating towards the medical bills for Price.

Featured Dog –  Bila

Bila is the last of her 7 siblings waiting for adoption.  Her mother was killed when the litter was very young.  Bila is everything you would expect from a young pup – playful, joyful, energetic and loving.

Featured Cat – Mr. Mitts

Mr. Mitts had a family who loved him and gave him a good life. He spent a lot of time outdoors, but had the ability to come inside as well. His family left Panama and unfortunately was not able to return due to medical reason. Mr. Mitts is currently in a foster home, but they are moving at the beginning of September and cannot take him with them. He is gentle and loving. Mr. Mitts tested positive for the Feline HIV virus although he does not have the virus or exhibit symptoms, he would need to be the only cat in the home, or share it with those that also have the virus. 


ARF is a small non-profit animal organization dedicated to the rescue, care, foster and adoption of the unwanted and neglected animals in Boquete and the surrounding areas.  Please visit our website at http://www.arf-boquete.com/  if you are interested in adopting an animal.  You can also help with the financial support of these animals by clicking here http://www.arf-boquete.com/donate.html 100% of our donations go to the animals.

Our email address is arf.boquete@gmail.com

Please visit and “like” our Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/ARF-Adopt-Rescue-Foster-Boquete-Panama-260616740779036/

YouTube: Adopt Rescue Foster ARF Boquete Panama

Also, please visit our sister site Pets Want Homes if you are interested in adopting an animal on http://www.petswanthomes.com/




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