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In Boquete Mountains Discovered "Giant 4 Leaf Clover!"


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Tomorrow on display at BCP Farmer's Market is  a "GIANT FOUR LEAF CLOVER." At three inches in circumferrance, preserved in glass, Master Herbalist Frank Gruber discovered it in the mountains of Boquete. He is now farming them. Its green in the shade but turns to a "Radiant Golden Color" when exposed to the rays of the sun. See it on Frank´s   stand  where he is selling his Jungle Oil and Wrinkle Cream. This first preserved GIANT  4  LEAF  CLOVER  is not on sale but you can get on time on  the Christmas Gift order buying  list... 50 dollars each.    iDEAL  FOR  COLLECTORS.  Makes for a unique Christmas Gift or Souvenir from PANAMA WITH LOVE!  Observe with the magnifying glass the CROSS where the 4  Leafs meet. Only God knows why he placed it in the center of the 4 leaf clover. Why the belief that they bring luck has persisted for thousands of years remains a mystery.  Its like Aloe Vera.  If it did not work over the centuries people would stop using it. I recognize there is something better than the lucky 4 leaf clover.  "Earn God's Blessing!"   Still its beautiful.   Come see it!    "HASTA  MAÑANA, " Frank
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