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AllAboutBoquete.com Photography Contest!

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Win a brand new HP Notebook Laptop!

Entries accepted July 20 - August 31st at 11AM. Voting from August 31st at 11AM unitl September 15th at 11AM. Winner announced September 20th.

Welcome to the First Boquete Life Photography Awards, open to all photographers; amateur, professional and all ages.

Winners and commended entrants will have their work on show on our website and through social media.


Grand Prize: HP Notebook HP x360 Home

Each category winner will win a $50 Gift Certificate to a local restaurant

With separate categories including nature & landscapes, animals, people, etc. the photos are a unique visual celebration of Boquete life, in all its richness and diversity, creating an enduring visual record of the spirit and essence of our town.

Documenting daily life has been a tradition for over a century, so just like the great documentary photographers of the past and present, we want to encourage photographers to elevate the commonplace and familiar into something compelling or fascinating through the craft, creativity and discipline of photography.

Nature & Landscapes
These images show outdoor beauty: landscapes, scenery, outdoors

These images show any type of animal: pets, wildlife, zoo and farm animals

These images show: kids & family, models/fashion, people from all walks of life

Elements of Design
These images show elements of design: making good use of graphic elements of design. Photos that showcase line, shape, pattern, form, texture, perspective, etc. 

Digital Darkroom:
These images are created or drastically altered in software like Adobe Photoshop®.

These images show: floral portraits - rose, iris, daisy, tulip... you name it, fields of wildflowers, close-up images of flowers.

Details & Macro
These images show things up close - pictures of small details that suggest a larger story, insects, coins, clocks, stamps, ice crystals, etc.

Man Made
These images show anything man made: transportation - trains, planes, cars, etc. Architecture, industry, cityscapes.

The contest is open to all photographers, regardless of skill level.

Visit AllAboutBoquete.com

Enter the contest (through facebook)


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