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Three beautiful cats and one dog looking for their forever home


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Three beautiful cats and one dog looking for their forever home

These three beautiful siblings are about 9 months old. They were feral when they were rescued from a lady who had too many cats and no money. Now, they have been socialized enough to be petted, although they still are not so sure whether they like humans or not. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

Nanda and Nathan would do great as outdoor cats on a finca or large property in a safe area (not close to busy roads etc.) after an inital two-week indoor period to get used to their new environment. It would be great if Nanda and Nathan would be adopted together. Nicky is by far the most social one and the only one who would be happy as an indoor cat permanently.

All three cats are loving towards each other, and playful, and are in good health. They have been sterilized and dewormed.


When we came to pick up Bonnie one day before the Animales clinic in April, to be spayed, it turned out that she had 5 newborn puppies. We took all of them home. As usual, all her puppies have been adopted quickly, but mama Bonnie is still looking for her forever home. Bonnie is a medium size shepherd-mix, she is smart, has a sweet character and likes other dogs and puppies. She is very alert and will be a good watchdog. She has been spayed, dewormed and vaccinated.


image.png.fe4f7c2e8eaee2ce9564bb6a40e6fc14.pngIf you would like to meet any of these sweet pets, or consider giving one of them a permanent home, or if you have any questions, please contact us. A trial period before making your decision is always possible.

Our contact information is:
Phone 6630-4383 (incl. Whatsapp)
E-mail info@lacasadelosanimales.org

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