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Message from US Citizens


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The American Citizen Services (ACS) unit will be closed to the public for most regular services from August 14-18. However, a limited number of appointment slots for passport and CRBA applications will be available on August 14 and 15. Other than those limited appointment slots, ACS will only process emergency passports and provide emergency services from August 14-18. 

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What a poor job of labeling this positing. Are US citizens informing US citizens of this activity? (Actually non-activity.)

Never met Penny, and not blaming her. She just sends out this poorly prepared crap.

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This is odd. The message I received from the Embassy says "Message For U.S. Citizens." I forwarded that message to News Boquete, I also posted it directly on CL under the US Consul Panama category.  I made the CL subject line say "U.S. Embassy closed August 14-18." It is the poster to CL who completes the subject line, so we can't blame the Embassy for this one.  I think we all know what it meant, though. In fact, I didn't even notice it until you posted.

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