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Kitties needing love and a home!

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Mr. Mitts had a family who loved him and gave him a good life.  He spent a lot of time outdoors, but had the ability to come inside as well. His family left Panama and unfortunately was not able to return due to medical reason.  Mr. Mitts is currently in a foster home, but they are moving at the beginning of September and cannot take him with them. He is gentle and loving.  Mr. Mitts tested positive for the Feline HIV virus although he does not have the disease and may not for many years. He would need to be the only cat in the home so the virus can't spread, or would need to share a place with cats that already have the virus.

Tanya is also looking for a new foster home.  She is an adult female cat, approx. 6 years old.  She would make the ideal companion.  Being older, she has a mellow and mature personality and doesn't need to be entertained like a kitten.  She does not get along with other cats and would prefer to be the only house cat.  She is looking for a lap to “cuddle” on.

If you can help with fostering either of these cuties, even for a short time, please contact us.  ARF provides all food and any necessary medical treatment.


Tanya 1.jpg

Mr. Mitts.jpg

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