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Chiriqui.Life Podcast #11: An Interview with Kris Berg of Howling Success K9 Services


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This is another in a series of audio podcasts by Chiriqui.Life. The subject of this podcast is Kris Berg of Howling Success K9 Services. Kris is a native Californian who quickly sensed that her life's passion is in the care of animals, especially dogs; she prefers to use the term canines rather than dogs. She moved several times to various states in her earlier professional life, but each new venture was related to animal care, the prevention of animal cruelty, and education. Approximately ten years ago Kris' brother-in-law met someone living in the Bocas del Toro area, and that caused Kris to do some online research about that area. What she discovered was a huge spay/neuter crisis that needed some professional guidance. Kris packed up her car with her three dogs and her most needed worldly possessions, and with the assistance of a nephew, the two of them drove to Bocas del Toro. Kris became a full time resident of Panama at that point, sight previously unseen. That 12 day odyssey is something that she quickly confesses is not something she would repeat. Kris relocated to the Potrerillos area about six years ago, and established her new homestead, stating that this is her last move. She raises dogs, especially Doberman that have been imported from Argentina and Europe, and shows dogs in various domestic and international competitions. Kris has a special interest in how dogs can help with children and the handicapped, and talks about the wonderful support for malnourished children at Nutre Hogar in David.

Contact Information

Kris Berg
Howling Success K9 Services
La Acequia, Potrerillos Abajo, Chiriqui
telephone: +507 6879-5455 (WhatsApp)
email: fordogs@howlingsuccess.com
website: www.howlingsuccess.com/
Google Maps Location

To listen to Kris's podcast, click below on the white, right-pointing triangle (arrow) on top of an orange circular background. If you see two options below, we recommend using the "Listen in browser" option as opposed to the "Play on SoundCloud" option.

This podcast is 40m 52s duration.

If you would like to provide feedback about this podcast, or discuss other matters related to this podcast series, please either reply to this posting, or send CL Staff a private message (@Moderator_02 is the correct display name to communicate with), or email to support@chiriqui.life.

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  • Admin_01 changed the title to Chiriqui.Life Podcast #11: An Interview with Kris Berg of Howling Success K9 Services

What a great interview, Kris!  If yours is the safest house in Chiriqui, then mine is certainly the second safest! (Dogs, dogs, dogs!)

I didn't even know there are spay/neuter clinics in Bocas, so thanks for that information. Also I didn't know about Nutre Hogar. Can someone give directions to the place?

I have an equal enthusiasm for life and my work as you do, but your enthusiasm "showed" a lot more in your podcast than mine did!

Great work you do!

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