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Another Chiriqui.Life Podcast #10 -- Dottie Atwater, the Driving Force Behind the Spay/Neuter Clinics in Volcan


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The owners/administrators of the Chiriqui.Life (CL) website are very pleased to announce the release of another audio podcast in the series that is called "Chiriqui.Life Podcasts". These podcasts are produced by Marcelyn Jandreau and Bud Huber, and basically are conversations with the "movers and shakers" in the Chiriqui highlands area. (Note: "Chiriqui.Life Podcasts" is a different series from the "Chiriqui.Life Stories" audio podcasts that are produced by Michael Schwartz and also published on CL.)

This audio podcast features Dottie Atwater. Dottie got her pilot's license at the age of 20, has done scuba diving, sky diving, ridden horses in the Big Bend area and into Mexico, etc., etc., etc. In other words, she is a proactive participant in the adventures of life. Houston was her last base in the US prior to moving to Volcan in 2004 after a long career in real estate. Dottie found her passion in taking care of domestic pets, especially dogs. During the course of our recording session with Dottie, we learned that she never really thought of herself as a pet person, but she became aware of and responded while seeing the poor situation for animals in her area. Dottie now is the driving force behind the spay/neuter clinics in the Volcan area. She does not seek publicity, but consented to our request for an interview for our audio podcast series. Dottie gives tirelessly and endlessly to support pets and to help educate others with the goal of improving life for the animal kingdom. Dottie may be a humble individual, but describes herself as a "pit bull" when it comes to animal welfare. Her story deserves to be shared.

Podcasts are premium content on CL, which means that you need to be a registered member of CL and logged in. Membership on CL is free, so if you are not already a member, then register and listen to Dottie tell her story.

Marcelyn Jandreau and Bud Huber
Owners/Administrators of Chiriqui.Life

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