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Snake Kills 16-Year-Old Girl

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Snake kills 16-year-old girl


A 16-YEAR-OLD girl became the years first fatal victim of a snake  bite on Sunday July 22.

The incident happened  on a cattle ranch in the Pedasi district of Los Santos province

The minor, a native of Bocas del Toro, was bitten on the arms and right leg

Officials of the  Ministry of Health (Minsa) in Santos said she died although emergency rooms of the region’s hospitals have serum to deal with snake bites.

Last year a 69-year-old man, died in the Bajos de Güera, Macaraca district after being bitten.



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Following is one of the comments about the article in Newsroom Panama:


"The questions you posted in this instance [“What kind of snake was it? Are they plentiful? Why did the serum not work if it was available?”] are reasonable and should have been addressed. Even worse, the reporter/editor has used a picture of a harmless, non-poisonous species (Pseudoboa neuwiedi, family Colubridae ) in an article about a fatality that had to result from the bite of either a pit-viper or coral snake. Those are in completely different families (Viperidae and Elapidae), neither of which contains a species that resembles the Colubrid snake pictured. Not an example of good reporting!"

A subsequent poster noted that posting the picture of the harmless snake in conjunction with the report of a death by snake bite likely will lead to the unnecessary killing of harmless snakes.

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What we have experienced here in Panama is the attitude that all snakes are bad.  If it's a snake it needs to be whacked is what we have encountered.  So it really doesn't matter to the journalist what snake pic got posted.....  Snake?>>>>>>BAD....period

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3 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

It's hard to believe that someone would actually 'dislike' an informative and important post like this, Bonnie.

Goes to show just how skewed some people's minds are.

Maybe they're registering their dislike of me, Keith, in which case they dislike you too based on their response to your post. ?

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CORRECTION: Wrong snake blamed

Non poisonous snake

An observant reader noticed that in a July 23  posting  Newsroom  used an incorrect photo  when reporting a death from a snake bite  in a story headlined: “Snake kills 16-year-old girl.”


Viper species are found around the world

The reader wrote : “Newsroom Panama used a photograph of a harmless, non-poisonous species of snake (Pseudoboa neuwiedi, family Colubridae )


Coral snake, colorful but deadly

… Unless the girl’s death was from an over-reaction (e.g., anaphylactic shock) of her own immune system, the bite could not have come from the snake species pictured.  It had to have resulted from the bite of either a pit-viper or a coral snake.



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