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NEXGARD-related Canine Deafness (?)


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A Panamanian friend asked that I send out an inquiry in English to all dog owners in the area.  She recently had 3 healthy and well-cared for adult dogs  go deaf within 2-3 weeks of taking NEXGARD, a new oral flea and tick remedy containing afoxolaner.    The 3 previously normal dogs were examined by two David veterinarians and  their new-onset deafness was confirmed. Communications with the pharmaceutical manufacturer re: adverse effects of the medication have not been helpful.  She finds no other common denominators (recent food changes, etc.) that could account for the sudden deafness of all 3 animals.

This dog owner is interested in learning if any other dog owners  have noted similar health changes in their pets whether or not a connection with NEXGARD is suspected.  If so, please respond to this email and I will translate and forward your emails, as  communications with the pharmaceutical company are ongoing. There is concern not only regarding the medication itself, but also regarding whether there may have been a contaminated batch.    Medication was purchased in Boquete.  
Thank you. 
Charlotte Summers
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