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Tourist boat carrying 170 sinks


A TOURIST boat carrying over 170 passengers sank on Sunday June 23 in the Antioquia reservoir about 68 kilometers from Medellin, Colombia a favorite destination for Panama visitors.

It sank  at the El Peñol dam Guatapé, a tourist site in north-west Colombia, for unknown causes, said the Colombian Air Force

The  sinking of the four-deck “El Almirante” was recorded  on a video that began to circulate on social networks and showed ozens of boats approaching the to rescue passengers and crew

“The situation seems to be serious,” a source from the Antioquia governor told AFP.

People who had been rescued were transferred to the municipal hospital.

“Our aircraft and crews are ready and ready to evacuate the most serious requiring immediate attention, “the Air Force said.

There is  a large influx of tourists in the area because Monday is a holiday in Colombia

The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, announced the sending of a relief team led by A fire captain and five divers.



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Saw that boat when we were down there.  It is a three pontoon craft and looking at the way it went down I would suspect a breach of one of the outer pontoons.  Reports say it had recently been repaired and put back into service.

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Boating tragedy passengers without lifejackets


A NINTH  body was pulled from the waters of a dam near  Medellin, Colombia on Thursday June 29,  four days after a tour boat carrying 170 passengers sank.

The sinking was filmed by other boaters and w as shown on social networks.

The area ia a tourist destination that during weekends and  receives thousands of travelers not only from the interior Of Colombia, but also from abroad.

The victim was identified as Erika Quinchia, 35, and her body was sent to the city of Medellín.

Ongoing search operations are  being carried out by 280 members of a relief corps made up of civil defense, police and 46 navy divers.

The director of the National Risk and Disaster Unit, Carlos Iván Márquez, who

Finds in the dam, told The Associated Press that after fulfilling the first mission,  which was to recover missing persons, ” We now continue to release the waters of the dam which  are  between 20 and 40 meters deep,  to be able to investigate clearly the causes of the sinking “.

The Attorney General’s Office investigating the causes of the incident said that so far the only irregularity detected was the lack of life jackets.

According to the survivors, none of the passengers was wearing them at the time of sinking.

The vessel had the capacity for 280 people, but Sunday had  only about 170 people. Most of them left unscathed because they were quickly aided by other  passing vessels



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