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Martinelli “pardons” case delayed


ANOTHER CASE involving long gone former president   Ricardoo Martinelli is winding its weary way through the Panama courts system.

The Supreme Court has suspended the hearing convened Wednesday March 29 to resolve the objection filed by Martinelli’s battery of defense lawyers until April 3.

The hearing is over the granting of 355 pardons, mostly to political insiders, in June 2014, before he fled the country to self imposed exile.

The suspension  was adopted because magistrates Abel

Zamorano and Jose Ayú Prado ­ who serve as prosecutor and judge of guarantees of the case, were attending to another matter.

Martinelli’s lawyers oppose Zamorano’s request for a hearing to charge the former president.

On Aug. 14, 2014, President Juan Carlos Varela annulled the 19 decrees signed by Martinelli, thus revoking the 355 pardons.

Following the decision, the Public Ministry sent the court a complaint to determine the disciplinary, criminal or patrimonial responsibility against the officials who granted the pardons.

The full Supreme Court opened the process against Martinelli in July 2015. He is living in Miami while papers for his extradition to face multiple criminal charges, sit  in US administration archives.



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The attempts at translation of mainstream media articles by Newsroom Panama are pitiful.

Retributions ..wait for them.

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Panama recieves Martinelli helicopter.


THE HELICOPTER acquired by Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, son of ex-president Ricardo Martinelli  allegedly  with money from the accounts of the construction company Odebrecht, has been delivered to Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Tania Sterling says a TVN report.

Judicial sources confirmed that helicopter that was confiscated in Mexico by orders of the Public Ministry of Panama, was delivered to  Sterling.Inside the confiscated chopper

HELI-1-300x174.jpgThe N1626L aircraft, in the name of Silver Wings Corp. was flown from Ilopango Airport in El Salvador to Tapachula Airport in Chiapas, Mexico.

Luis Enrique and Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares, children of the former president are accused in Panama of alleged money laundering linked to bank accounts of the Brazilian company Odebrecht in Switzerland.

Martinelli family lawyer Evelyn Vargas said during interrogation that the helicopter, among other luxurious goods, was acquired by the family of the former president of Panama using the companies High Water, Black Tip Incorporated, Yellow Wing and Silver Wing.

The helicopter was confiscated as part of the investigation into the Odebrecht Constructor scandal.



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Martinelli false pardons court hearing

Some of Martinelli's frustrated legal team

EX-PRESIDENT Ricardo Martinelli  has been called to Panama’s Supreme Court for  an imputation  hearing on May 10 over the 355 pardons he issued  hours before he left office.

The President e of the Supreme Court José Ayú Prado, acting as judge of guarantees, fixed the date in Mobday April 3 after a preliminary hearing .

When  he denied an appeal filed by the Martinelli’s mandatario’s defense against the request for a hearing of imputation, petitioned by Judge Abel Zamorano, acting as Prosecutor of the case.

Judge Ayú Prado informed the Judicial Office of the date of the hearing so that Martinelli a deputy of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), be notified of the judicial procedure.

According to lawyer Carrillo, the actions of former President Martinelli in pardons were given within the functions granted him by the Law, but he emphasized that in this case there is no crime, since subsequently the President of the Republic Juan Carlos Varela voided the decrees issued by Martinelli.

Prosecutor Zamorano emphasized that he has the necessary elements to charge Martinelli with the 353 pardons.

Martinelli has over a dozen outstanding cases for various crimes, including wiretapping, embezzlement and corruption. He has failed to appear at any of the hearings, but is represented by a growing battery of prominent lawyers, and a crowd of drum beating supporters from the CD party he founded and financed, who routinely  turn up on the court steps when he is called,



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Martinelli helicopter bought by scandal plagued company

Cristobal Salerno

THE MARTINELLI family helicopter, returned to Panama this week, was not bought from bribes obtained from Odebrecht and moved to Swiss bank accounts said ex-president Ricardo Martinelli on Twitter.

Instead ir was paid for by a series of checks, which he posted, from a company, Langton International Holdings whose  principal Cristóbal Salerno is facing numerous corruption investigations linked to the Martinelli administration.

The checks totaled $312,500 for the purchase of the N1626L helicopter which is now in the custody of the National Aeronaval Service (Senan), after being received by the Public Ministry (MP), from Mexico.

Langton International Holdings is linked to several investigations by the MP including mbezzlement scandals, payment of bribes  and corruption, such as the alleged illegal collection of  State taxes of the State through  a collection company, Cobranzas del Istmo,, as well as the alleged payment of Bribes  to high officials of the previous government from  this money.

During testimony Salerno described taking cases stuffed with up to $600,000 to then president Martinelli.

In addition, the company  appears in the file of the Martinelli electric concessions through The Isthmus Energy Corporation, and in the process of the $ 9 million loan that the Caja De Ahorros disbursed to the consortium HPCContratas P & V.

According to Martinelli’s defense, the checks confirm that the helicopter was not paid with Odebrecht bribes.



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Ex-top cop fingers Martinelli circle in alleged scam

Abad explains how alleged scam worked

A CRIMINAL complaint submitted to the Public Ministry (MP) by Former Judicial Technical Police Director Jaime Abad has been accepted and will be investigated by Organized Crime Prosecutor Marcelino Aguilar.

Abad said on Wednesday, April 20, that the strategy used to pay the debt of Editorial Panama America (Epasa) in 2010 was similar to the one that was executed to divert public funds from the irrigation system in Tonosi and the Amador Convention Center.

Abad told La Prensa that it was the same modus operandi, where a group of businessmen or offer some service, others provide partnerships, and in the end, they get the profits for a shared benefit.

He said that in this case, the Public Prosecutor’s Office must send requests to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Superintendency of Banks of Panama and the General Directorate of Revenue to obtain a clear picture of how money was diverted from the state coffers to a private enterprise that benefitted associates of former President Ricardo Martinelli.

At the same time, he claimed to have knowledge about institutions and contacts abroad “who are anxious to provide information on the movements” of the questionable payments.

He also noted that, as a private citizen, he was limited as to the information he could obtain.  But he said the Public Ministry can access that information.

“My intention as a citizen is to tell the MP to complete the work before the information that has been presented,” said the lawyer.

Meanwhile, MP sources reported that the complaint filed by Abad was filed in the First Specialized Prosecutor against Organized Crime, under Marcelino Aguilar.

The sources confirmed that Aguilar will be responsible for carrying out the investigation and determining whether or not criminal charges should be filed.

There is already an open investigation into the purchase of Epasa based on statements made by Deputy Ivan Arrocha in January.

Arrocha said that there were allegations of irregularities regarding the acquisition of the media group.

According to Abad, his complaint reinforces the statements of Deputy Arrocha.

Abad said that the information obtained was mainly from public sources.

In the complaint, Abad notes that Transcaribe Trading (TCT) and Excavations of the Isthmus, acting in complicity with Gladden Corporation, Fusys Latin Corp., Caribbean Holding Services Ltd, High Spirit, Constructora Corcione & Associates, Pavilion Financial Company, Los Pueblos ID, S.A. And Gold Park Investment Inc. are allegedly implicated in crimes against public administration, as they benefited from state contracts.

The allegation is that the funds were then used to finance the purchase of Epasa.

Panama Canal Board Members (ACP) Nicolás Corcione and Henri Mizrachi were also named in the complaint.



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On 12/13/2015 at 9:18 AM, Keith Woolford said:

This is an excellent synopsis of the current situation by Eric Jackson of The Panama News.


Not too current.  It talks about what Obama will do with him.  It is a pretty good summary of the crazy Alt-Right in the U.S. though.  If Panama can't get back the money Martinelli and his cronies stole, who really cares what happens to him? 

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Martinelli sits 3rd on world corruption list

Ricardo Martinelli listed world's third most corrupt

RICARDO MARTINELLI  who  fled Panama on January 28 2015 has likely done more to draw attention to the country of his birth since then, that at any time when he occupied the Presidential Palace.

The man who, like the unmourned Richard Nixon, yearned to be president, to the point where founded, and funded his own political party, and eased his way into power with  the lavish distribution of funds  for rallies,  distributing   food drinks , and goodies to all willing  to attend and wave a CD banner. In power he continued his purchasing of loyalty as he recruited opposition deputies to the party, to ensure control of the Assembly.

Aided by his personal Svengali the shadowy Salomon  Shamah, the tourism leader whose US Visa was lifted after DEA exposure of some of his unofficial activities, Martinelli  was not averse to  other methods of coercion including, firing the head of the Cultural Institute( INAC), and re-instating her a few days later when her father, a Panamenista Deputy,  jumped ship and pinned the CD label to his chest to demonstrate filial love.

And then there was the wire-tapping of political opponents, journalists, businessman and judges, first exposed in a US ambassador email to Washington, after Martinelli had requested the aid of the DEA to set up his spying mission.

Since his failure to keep his finger on the country’s control button via his wife as a vice-presidential candidate, Martinelli’s grip on his Democratic Change  party has been slipping, with CD Deputies refusing to obey his ultimatum to sign up to a loyalty pledge, and refusing to endorse the unpopular  Alma Cortes as temporary leader of the divided group.

Members streamed from the party after the defeat of their presidential candidate in 2014, and last year the stream became a torrent with over 30,000  fleeing.

Martinelli, facing at least 12 criminal processes in the Supreme Court has now come third in a worldwide corruption  poll organized by Transparency  International (T!)

First place was won by former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych

Martinelli  who faces at least 12 cases in the Supreme Court for alleged corruption during his tenure, came  behind the flagship of corruption in Latin America: Brazil’s Petrobras scandal.

He beat other contestants considered global emblems of corruption, like  FIFA.

The voting closed  February 10 and  Berlin based TI  reports it has  now entered the phase of “social sanctions” for the top nine chosen by the public from  a list of 383, of individuals, companies and organizations

TI wants citizens to join the campaign of sanctions. “We call on all those who have supported the contest to punish the corrupt and join us in our actions,” said Jose Ugaz, president of the organization.

“Lying, cheating, theft and fraud are the tools of the corrupt. We seek sanctions against these cases, as far as possible, “said Ugaz.

Martinelli has gained more worldwide coverage as the lid of the Panama corruption can has been lifted, than he ever got on a record number of  “missions” or side trips with cronies  on the presidential plane to parties in Sardinia or World Cup games in South Africa. Now he  has been reconized for his achiebements.



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2 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

"Not too current"

The article was posted on the 13th of December.

I could use some help here. I can't find the article that you reference. Where is it?


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2 hours ago, JudyS said:

Not too current.  It talks about what Obama will do with him.  It is a pretty good summary of the crazy Alt-Right in the U.S. though.  If Panama can't get back the money Martinelli and his cronies stole, who really cares what happens to him? 

Curious why you are bringing in US political crap into this news feed? Better still, onto this website? I come here to get away from that crap and you stick it back into my face.

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46 minutes ago, BD said:

Curious why you are bringing in US political crap into this news feed? Better still, onto this website? I come here to get away from that crap and you stick it back into my face.

Is that comment really called for?  Your thoughts, CL Administrator?

Edited by TwoSailors
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1 hour ago, BD said:

Curious why you are bringing in US political crap into this news feed? Better still, onto this website? I come here to get away from that crap and you stick it back into my face.


45 minutes ago, Bonnie said:

Whatever happens with Martinelli is relevant to Panama, IMHO.


28 minutes ago, TwoSailors said:

Is that comment really called for?  Your thoughts, CL Administrator?

This issue has been addressed; no more action needed.

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On December 13, 2015 at 9:18 AM, Keith Woolford said:

This is an excellent synopsis of the current situation by Eric Jackson of The Panama News.


Bill, this article about Martinelli and his troubles was posted way back in December of 2015 because it was a good summary of the situation at the time.

I'm not sure why it surfaced again or what today's comments refer to.

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Lawyer fingers Martinelli sons

Martinelli sons center of bribery probe

THE FORMER  LAWYER  of the two sons of ex- president  Ricardo Martinelli  is  a key link in their  money laundering investigation and is cooperating with prosecutors.

In different statements, Evelyn Vargas Reynaga who was the trusted lawyer of  Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares- has given the Public Ministry details about the role she played in companies created for the Martinelli sons.

She told Special Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office investigating the Odebrecht case that her former clients tried to persuade her not to return to Panama after the Public Ministry issued an order for her arrest in Mexico reports La Prensa.

Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares called Mexico,  and said: “Do not go back To Panama (…) if you want, you are welcome in Miami. ” Two days later, the two brothers called again to reiterate the offer.

The statement was made in the first investigation of Vargas Reynaga before the Public Ministry, on February 22.

Vargas Reynaga told the sons that she had received a letter from the Embassy Of the United States telling her they had removed her visa. “Why do I need this?” she complained.

They said: “You are not the only one. Our mother [Marta Linares de Martinelli] also lost hers and we’re not going to be able to see our mom.” and  they confessed that their visas had been  “taken away.”

The lawyer also revealed that on February 16 she received an email from Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, informing her that they had hired an Interpol affairs specialist law firm and that she was included in the package.

They attached a power of attorney for her to sign and told her to send the documents by courier to an Address in Miami.

“They used me, they did with me what they wanted,” said Vargas Reynaga.

The brothers acquired large assets, concealed suspicious transactions and, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, would have been an important vehicle to hide money from bribes By Odebrecht to win millions of dollars of contracts.

Vargas Reynaga started working at Ricamar (the Martinelli business owning the Supper 99 chain,  in June 2009, a month before Ricardo Martinelli took over the presidency.

In the midst of the transition between Martin Torrijos and Martinelli,  she received a call from a school friend  Giselle Brea, who left Ricamar to go to work for the State as executive secretary of The Gaming  Control Board. “She told me that if I was interested in working at Ricamar, it was something different from what I was doing … “.

“Evelyn, these are not issues of court, they are more administrative matters,” she was  told.

She gained the confidence of the Martinelli Linares, to such a point, that Ricardo Alberto sent her to Madrid, to sign the contract for the sale of a luxury apartment that they acquired in that city.

Her friend Giselle Brea is also in the sights of an anti-corruption prosecution, as part of the investigation related to the contract award process for the

Buko Millionaire bingo, a business that would have been linked to Ricardo Martinelli Linares.


Vargas returning to Panama under escort

On Wednesday, February 22, the lawyer returned to Panama on a commercial flight from Mexico after an Interpol alert.

On that day, Vargas Reynaga gave a long statement to Tania Sterling, who is coordinating the special prosecution

“I am willing to collaborate with you,” she said almost at the end of the diligence and then gave details of his work in Importadora Ricamar.

Vargas Reynaga knows a lot. And  is a key piece in the puzzle of OdebrechtSuiza, an investigation that involves many former high-profile figures right to the top of  the Martinelli  administration.power pyramid



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Martinelli sons denied bail

Thumbs down on bail

A BAIL REQUEST, to enable the sons of  ex-president Ricardo Martinelli to avoid arrest  was rejected by Special Judge Baloisa Marquínez on Friday May 19.

 Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares are subject to an Interpol red alert and facing investigation for money laundering.

Marquínez, however, did grant bail  of $50,000 to Riccardo Francolini, and Evelyn Vargas Reynaga for $40,000.


Riccardo Francolini and Ricardo Martinelli

Francolini has been detained since October 12 over  the loan of Caja des Ahorros  to the consortium that supposedly was building  the Amado convention center Vargas Reynaga cannot leave  the country without judicial authorization.

All are under investigation  by the Anti-Corruption Special Prosecutor’s Office, in the Odebrecht  bribery of officials and individuals through Swiss banks.

Also investigated are Mario Martinelli Berrocal, Francisco Martinelli, Federico José Suárez, Ana Isabel Suárez, Guillermo SáezLlorens, Nitzela Bonilla, Raúl de Saint Malo, Cristóbal Salerno and Navin Bhakta.

Avoiding process
The judge denied bail to the Martinelli’s on the grounds that “there is clear indication” they are avoiding the process “since,  having knowledge of the case investigated by the competent authorities,  they are reluctant to come forward and comply with pocedural laws of the Republic of Panama“.

The Attorney General’s Office requested a red alert to Interpol to locate the two brothers, against whom arrest warrants have been issued since February 1, 2017.

Their  request for bail came from Martinelli  lawyers.  “The procedural conduct of Ricardo Alberto and Luis

Enrique Martinelli Linares shows their reluctance to appear before the authorities, which together with the seriousness of the offense prevent Access to the benefit requested and to the replacement of the measure imposed by a less serious one “said the judge.



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On 5/22/2017 at 0:03 PM, Keith Woolford said:

Interpol disseminates a Red Alert for the capture of former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli


I don't understand these Interpol Red Alerts when they know exactly where someone is, down to the condo.

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