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Can Martinelli Run for Vice President in 2019?

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Can Martinelli reach the Vice Presidency of Panama?

Wed, 06/07/2017 - 13:09


The Electoral Court gave its check. Former President Ricardo Martinelli will be able to run for the Vice Presidency of Panama in the general elections of 2019, despite the dark panorama in which he has been involved in the last days by the investigations that advance the Interpol against him.

In addition to this, the electoral body skipped the prohibition imposed by the Constitution. Article 193 establishes that the Vice President of the Republic cannot be elected the president who has performed his functions at any time, when the election of the Vice President is for the next period.

The Constitution, in its article 178, also establishes a ban of ten years to the citizen who has been elected president after the end of his term.

However, the jurist and politician Rodrigo Sarasqueta, a member of the Democratic Change party, would be allowed to have Martinelli as a companion. Although the latter could not run for the presidency until 2024.

So far, all these conclusions are just hypothesized before the Sarasqueta query, because neither Martinelli wants to run for office nor Democratic Change has yet elected his presidential candidate.

The former president said in his Twitter account that his goal, for the moment, focuses on being the candidate of the Democratic Change party for the Mayor of Panama in the 2019 elections.

Among the pre-candidates to occupy in two years the Palace of Las Garzas include, besides Sarasqueta, Rómulo Roux, Jose Raul Mulino, Frank De Lima, Alma Cortés and Marta Linares de MartinelliThe latter also denied his interest in the position now, although she ran in 2014.

The primary CD elections to choose its presidential candidate will be held in May 2018, according to La Estrella de Panamá.

Although the former president - between 2019 and 2014 - has stated that he does not want to run for the Vice Presidency, he has not abandoned comments about the campaign and has indicated that an alliance between CD and the Democratic Revolutionary Party would be ideal to win the election. Without this "there will be electoral fraud,” he said.

The Former President is also based in Miami since 2015, after the Supreme Court of Justice began an investigation against him for "crimes against public administration", with the unanimous vote of all judges, during the current administration of Varela. This was described by Martinelli as a political persecution.

A red alert issued on April 21 by Interpol, which carries out an investigation against him for a crime of interception of private communications, was requested by the Supreme Court of the country. The website of the Interol has not yet published the information and the former president has rejected any link with these inquiries.



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