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ACODECO Detects Anomalies in Measures of Blocks, Sand and Gravel

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ACODECO Detects Anomalies in Measures of Blocks, Sand and Gravel


Cecilio Saldaña G. 10 Jun 2017 | 10.00am

After an inspection of building blocks in 64 commercial establishments in the district of the capital, Chepo, and Panama West, the Authority of Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition (ACODECO), found that 19 complied with the measures set out in the technical regulation COPANIT DGNTI-482001.

Of the 45 which presented abnormalities, 28 did not comply with the required dimensions of 4" and 6" blocks, while 29 failed to comply with the declaration block type (structural and non-structural), 23 had no declaration of the trade name, and 33 did not present the certificate of compression of these products.

In addition to the 61 establishments verified that are dedicated to the sale of sand and stone, only two local met all aspects verified, such as having to the view of the consumer business information posted. (amount of bags of sand and stone equivalent to a cubic yard and the capacity of the boxes of the delivery trucks)


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