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Cloudless...Gotta Luv It


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"So excited to be able to get my favorite US products here in Panama. I moved here specifically so I could pay a small add on fee to get my Campbell's Tomato Soup and Bob's Butt Wipes. Please order me a pallet of each.

And also if you can get some me some of those cream filled golden cake thingys, I'll take those too.

Oh, and some squirty cheese in can.

Do you take checks?

Please add a couple boxes of Cocoa Pebbles cereal too. 

Ok, that's it.



PS. If you happen to come across some Chef Boyardee Cheese Ravioli, can you get me a few cans? I don't like the meat one though, I'm vegetarian. Only the cheese kind."

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Cloudless is so sarcastic, I don't know why they haven't banned him yet.  His haiku with the f-word in it sent Ambreen into a tailspin, yet Cloudless lives to mock ning another day.  Do you suppose they think he really does want a pallet of Twinkies?

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