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Price Peterson To Be Recognized in Ceremony at Biblioteca de Boquete

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The recognition event at the library last night was well attended. My estimation is at least 150 people. All seats were taken, and people were standing at the back of the room. The event started promptly at 7:30PM and ended about 9:00PM, then adjourned to the ground floor for refreshments.

The topic of Price's talk was the state of education in Panama, and areas where it might be improved. One of the statistics that he recited placed Panama pretty much at the bottom of the list of successful educational systems.

Other main speakers besides the emcee, etc., included Carlos Enrique Landau, Anayansi Menéndez, and the Vice Mayor of David (but I couldn't get her name).

I'm including a couple of pictures from the event, but state up front that they are very poor quality because all I had was my cell phone and we were at the back of the room. Hopefully good quality images will be forthcoming because there were a lot of photographers there last night.

Most attendees were Panamanian, and the entire event was in Spanish. This was a somewhat formal event, and Marcelyn commented about how well-dressed the women were.

A well-deserved recognition of and award for Price's contributions in our community.

2017-04-06 19.47.56.jpg

2017-04-06 20.04.38.jpg

2017-04-06 20.19.55.jpg

2017-04-06 20.29.13.jpg

2017-04-06 20.27.39.jpg

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