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When You Need Batteries (Car, Boat, UPS, Specialty Items) -- La Casa de Las Baterías Is The Place to Go

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We had a totally pleasant experience at La Casa de Las Baterías yesterday while in David running errands. We were there because one of our UPS systems had started chirping, indicating that the internal lead-acid batteries were beginning to fail.

To our knowledge, La Casa de Las Baterías has two stores in David, one is close to the downtown area on a corner of the original one-way street, and the other near the McDonald's on the Inter-American Hwy. (There may be other stores, but we are not aware of any.) We opted for the downtown store since we were just blocks away when that item queued up.

There were seven people waiting for their battery needs to be taken care of when we arrived at the store. I took a number, and was called on within ten minutes. Marko was the technician who took care of our needs. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and kept me informed of what was being done at each of the steps. For example, testing the old batteries to establish their condition before simply replacing them. After putting the UPS back together, Marko then tested the UPS to be sure it was in tip-top shape, which it was. We were in and out in less than 30 minutes. They do accept credit cards.

If you have battery needs (not talking about the usual alkaline AAA, AA, C or D size batteries here, but lead-acid, deep discharge, gel, and AGM batteries, etc.) for your car, boat or specialty items then La Casa de Las Baterías is the place to go.

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On 4/5/2017 at 1:07 PM, JudyS said:

Are the UPS replacement batteries cheap enough that it is worth replacing one, rather than buying a new UPS?

Yes. The kind of UPS that was serviced yesterday is approximately $200.00 (or just a bit less). The two lead-acid batteries, installation, tax, etc., was less than $53.00. So, YES, service is much cheaper than replacement. Further, the model that was worked on yesterday is no longer locally available, and is a unit that is more robust in its control circuity than what I can now find locally. I prefer it over the models that are available at PriceSmart nowadays. (Not saying anything bad about those newer models, but I just prefer the stuff that I know that works well.)

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2 hours ago, Hil said:

I have bought three batteries there and they HONOR the jubilado discount. Really a big savings on batteries.

I don't believe the law covers this type of purchase. The list I have of things covered by the pensionado discount is below. I see nothing about merchandise. Has the law changed?

  • One time Duty tax exemption for household goods up to a total of $10,000.
  • Duty exemption for importing a new car every two years.
  • 50% off entertainment anywhere in the country (movies, concerts, sports)
  • 30% off bus, boat, and train fares
  • 25% off airline tickets
  • 50% off hotel stays from Monday through Thursday
  • 30% off hotel stays from Friday through Sunday
  • 25% off at restaurants
  • 15% off at fast-food restaurants
  • 15% off hospital bills (if no insurance applies)
  • 10% off prescription medicines
  • 20% off medical consultations
  • 15% off dental and eye exams
  • 20% off professional and technical services
  • 50% reduction in closing costs for home loans
  • 25% discounts on utility bills
  • 15% off loans made in your name
  • 1% less on home mortgages for homes used for personal residence
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Casa Batteries gave me the discount and i was surprised----3 times. you can ask them why. im not concerned why they gave it to me. i am not looking for right or wrong. conway gives me jubilado also. maybe we can get a private investigator talk with these two companies to solve the discount issues some people have. I dont have an answer for you. might just be good panamanian companies who knows.

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Hil, I think the question is this - did you ASK  for a jubilado discount or did they just offer it out of the blue?  It would seem that yes, indeed, you are a very lucky man if two companies over four transactions gave you the discount without being asked.  Of course, those that do not believe in coincidence will have difficulty in believing that it was spontaneous.  I am trying to make the point (as others, likely) that the jubilado discount is of real benefit to expats and any abuse of it may bring the whole system crashing down.  It would be very easy for the government to exclude E-type cedula residents from the program.

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Discounts are available to anybody at many businesses here if asked for, and Panamanians ask all the time.

Managers seem to be authorized to discount up to 7%, equivalent to the amount of the sales tax. They will often tell you then that the price is Neto. (without or including sales tax)

So imo, the discounts in question may have been granted to anyone, not just a Jubilado.

If I'm purchasing something of consequence, I usually just ask for the 'best price' and if it's net.

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