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Government Investing $21.6 million to Improve Remote Internet Access

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Government Investing $21.6 million to Improve Remote Internet Access

The Government of Panama initiated this Monday 3 April, three projects valued at 21.6 million dollars that seek to improve access to the internet and install new wireless connection points or free WiFi in some of the remote regions of the country.

The projects, implemented by the enterprises Cable Onda, Cable & Wireless Panama, and Liberty Technologies, are being developed in provinces away from the Panamanian capital, Bocas del Toro, Chiriquí, and Darien, and in indigenous regions as Guna Yala, Ngäbe Buglé and Embera Wounan, among other places.

"For me, education and technology are fundamental pillars for achieving growth and development with equity and social justice," said the president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, during the ceremony of the beginning of the works.

When the end of the works, Panama will have a 1,320 free points of access to the known as the National Internet Network 2.0 (Internet Para Todos), distributed in 288 precincts.

Coverage will now be to 80% of the Panamanian population compared to 65% today, the presidency said in a statement.



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