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How Not Doing Chores Living Abroad Added 36 Additional Years of Free Time to Our Lives

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Just how much difference does it make to the quality of your life not to have to do chores in places like Boquete?  Here’s an article that does the math… and it’s pretty compelling.


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Yup.  New retirees all excited about having a maid ( or a gardener) for once in their life .  Then suddenly the surprise when they are robbed of their jewelry etc. I've heard that story more than once.  Be very selective when deciding who you wish to employ around your house.  I'm retired.  I have all the hours of the day I am not working...plenty.  The mopping exercise I get is good for me ...as is the yardwork.  Frankly extra hours added in your day by having chores done for you that previously you could not afford should not be the reason you decide to move here.

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I totally agree with Alison.

When I discussed moving back to Boquete with Nena after our retirement, she said no. I pointed out that our first 40 years together were mostly spent in the States with only annual trips to Panama to visit family (plus the trips her family made to visit us in the U.S.).  I figured the next 40 years in Panama was only fair but she had become very adjusted to everything the US has to offer that Panama does not.  She was born in Boquete but spent all the time she could in David with her aunts and cousins. She and her older sister moved to Panama City soon after and started jobs there.  Her brothers and sisters all did the same when their chance came.  While we love to visit, living there just does not interest her. In her words, there just isn't much to do there.

As for chores, since the kids are gone, she and I can keep the house and yard maintained with almost no effort.  We clean up after ourselves and the yard work is our hobby.  It is tough to get the farm out of a farm girl.  Then of course, there are the projects for the four grand kids we see every week. I spent a couple months leisurely building a playground and treehouse out back and the grands helped on the weekends. They had as much fun helping build it as playing on it. They added a request for a zip line! (we added one.)

If your "quality of life" is suffering from having to do chores, then you might not want to add managing your hired help to the chore list.


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