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Homicide Conviction in David 18 Years after the Crime

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Homicide Conviction in David 18 Years after the Crime


Guilty, was the verdict by a jury of conscience, against a citizen of 52 years, who is responsible for the death of a man in the province of Chiriquí.

The citizen is responsible for the murder of José Mariano Rovira, who lost his life to receive several shots on the 30 of September of 1998 in the city of David.

The Second Prosecutor of the Public Ministry (MP), with headquarters in Bocas del Toro, Emeldo Márquez, indicated that there were sufficient elements that linked to this person with the fact, which, when two people entered to steal with firearms on the premises (bar) where the victim worked.

At that time there was a struggle where the victim fell to the floor and there beaten wounds that later caused his death.

Today condemned, he had enjoyed freedom, it was not until a few months ago that gave his detention and subsequent hearing where he was found guilty.

Now we are waiting for the Superior Court of Third Judicial District of Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro, to proceed to the penalty.


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Very slow.  I blame our legal system and lawyers.   There were so many loopholes in our present legislation that allowed lawyers to use dilatory tactics in the process that delayed the trials and the legal process.  

The new SPA systems that is being put in practice in Panama little by little is being supposed to end this bad practices and be quicker in the legal process. 

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