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1st Annual Canine Festival and the Foundation of Boquete Cup

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As part of the 106th Anniversary celebrations, the 1st Annual Canine Festival and the Foundation of Boquete Cup will be held on April 9th.


106 years celebrates the vibrant, touristic and heavenly district of Boquete and this has prepared a series of activities that aim to make part of the activities to all our compatriots that day by day see grow this beautiful valley of flowers.

Some of these activities the first canine and Boquete Foundation Cup that will take place on 9 April in the crosswalk in front of the Palacio Municipal José Domingo Candanedo Boquete from 9 in the morning.

This great day will include different competencies among which we can mention costume contest, competition dog bigger, smaller, dog racing,canine breed Pitbull, the Child handler of the year and of all races, all applicants for the first time of the Canine Foundation of Boquete.

Today, Boquete, is a place where most activities are concentrated with natural and unique scenarios for this and many more during 106 years has formed a Municipal structure growing and celebrating with his people is beautiful familiarity is a lot of activity shows that growth, said the mayor of Boquete Lic. Emigdio Walker Vasquez.

Public Relations of Boquete

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