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The Wonderful World of UMAMI..... A Must read!!


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Hello Everyone.....   What's New!!


This Week we are starting a new line of entrees that are low fat and low calorie and packed with amazing flavor.  You'll never know the difference.  Be sure to check out our menu by clicking the link at the end of the article.


A few weeks ago we published a video on How to Make Black Garlic.  If you want to learn how to make it, click the link here.  HOW TO MAKE BLACK GARLIC!!!  It's incredibly easy and incredibly delicious (Not to mention Healthy)!!  So we've been experimenting with different uses for this amazing super food.  Other than eating a clove a day (which is a million times better than an apple) we've been doing some amazing flavor pairings and coming up with such interesting and delicious combinations. (Just yesterday I made a Black Garlic Burger that was RIDICULOUS!!  I'll make a video on it later)


Black Garlic, as it goes through its cooking period it undergoes something called the Maillard Reaction.  This reaction is quite possibly one of the most important reactions that happen in a kitchen when adding layers of flavor.  Most commonly you might see this reaction on seared pork chops or a filet mignon.  You will see this when you fry onions or roast coffee.  What happens when heat is added, Amino Acids and certain simple sugars rearrange themselves.  Then they start to arrange themselves in ring like patters.  Through this process the protein or fruit or vegetable takes on a browning color.  This reaction is different for different foods but it is the reason you always have a distinct smell or someone roasting, frying, BBQ'ing, or baking.  Are you hungry yet.  We tend to associate these smells to memories from our past.  So this reaction is not only a delicious component to eating but it is also a nostalgic aspect to fond memories of our remembered past.  Have you ever wondered why so many cultures gather around food to celebrate their life?  More about that later.....

On a different note.  Some of you already know that we have been doing extensive study on the flavor UMAMI.  In this study Black Garlic ranks on the top.  (Along with Soy sauce, Parmesan Cheese, Prosciutto, Salami, aged cheddar,  Bacon, Chicken Bones, potatoes (Potato Chips), carrots, pork).  UMAMI is a flavor that is high in Glutamate and elevates food to a different level by adding dimensions that otherwise are not there..  We have been trying to capture the essence of Black Garlic and after eating 20 bulbs we have found that Black Garlic has a complex flavor that is wonderfully difficult to describe.  Notes of Balsamic, Soy, molasses, anise, hints of garlic, with a touch of black truffle and tamarind.  It's sweet, savory, beefy, umami, chocolaty, syrupy, and just melts in your mouth.  So when looking for ways to use this incredible ingredient we naturally had to pair it with roasted vegetables.  The vegetables get a blast of flavor layers that make them strangely addictive.  We made a roasting dressing with honey, balsamic, olive oil, thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper, and black garlic.  Added some potatoes, beets, and carrots and roasted them at 425F for an hour.  What came out was nothing short of a culinary masterpiece.  A demonstration of respect to the earthy root vegetables come out in every way.  Simple yet complex.  A journey of flavor where every bite plays a symphony for your taste buds.  Look, Smell, Taste, Smile....  Repeat!!        


OK.  I'm getting all worked up over here..  I really hope that you watch the video and if you get a chance  to experiment with Black Garlic let me know what you come up with!!


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See you soon




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