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New Rules for Investor Visas

By Drafting of TVN News
24/03/2017 - 5:45 PM

The National Migration Service shall not grant residence permits to foreigners when they ask for it under the category of "economic solvency by investment in real property" if the property is in the name of a company with bearer shares has been established in regulations published in the Official Gazette this Friday by the President Juan Carlos Varela, and the Minister of Safety and Security, Alexis Bethancourt.

According to the decree 147, the only way to accept as valid the investment when it is under a corporation, is that the shares of the company are nominal and are in the name of the applicant for permission of residence and their dependents.

To qualify for this method of regularization, the migrant must present a Certificate of Public Registry to verify that you have a property by more than $300 thousand, and that is free of charges.

The new decree removes an article of the decree 320 of 2008 which allowed migration to grant a residence permit to foreigners who invested between $200 billion and $300 billion in real estate "and that for reasons of force majeure or have not been able to sustain the title before the entry into force of the regulation.

This Friday the government formalized a new regulation for regularization of migrants, at a time when has warned that foreigners with tourist visa will not be able to enter multiple times to the country.


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