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Joint Task Force Eagle initiates activity in Colon

The FTC Aguila or Joint Task Force Eagle is a 300 person special task force dedicated to fighting gang crime in Panama City and Colon. Some people are worried this team will lead to militarization of the Police but others argue that you need to fight fire with fire.


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Panama creates anti-narco force as drug seizures rise

© AFP/File | Seized packages of cocaine are displayed during a press conference by the National Border Service and National Police in Panama City, on May 30, 2016

Panama's president on Friday presented a new elite counternarcotics police unit to combat smuggling of increased cocaine production in neighboring Colombia.

The Eagle force, as it is called, consists of 300 officers with access to intelligence.

They are tasked with cracking down on drug-related criminal activity in Panama City and the major Atlantic coast city of Colon, each located at either entrance to the Panama Canal.

"Unfortunately, in the cities of Panama and Colon there are powerful narco gangs operating," President Juan Carlos Varela said.

The flow of drugs coming from Colombia, with much headed for the United States, has created a spike in violence as Panama's 150 gangs compete for turf and smuggling routes, he said.

Last year, the Central American country recorded 388 murders, many linked to the gangs, and the seizure of a record 72 tonnes of drugs.



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President joins 1000 cops in jail raids

Varela dialogues with La Joya prisoners

OVER 1,000 POLICE   and members of the newly  formed  “Eagle” anti crime unit, led by National Police Director, Omar Pinzon and accompanied by President Juan Carlos Varela, descended on La Joya  and la Joyita prisons on Wednesday Apr.5 to conduct a search that  ended at 1 a.m. the next day.

The  day long raid followed the appearance on social networks of a video showing partying prisoners with guns and drugs.

At least three 9 mm  pistols and a supply of drugs, were found

Varela, who spoke face to face with prisoners, said that he was sending a  clear message to the country that “we are going to put order in prisons,”

He said  that he asked the director of the National Police, Omar Pinzón, that the case  be sent to the Public Ministry. “ It is not possible that every three or six months, weapons are found in prisons and they do not know how they enter, so it is necessary to carry out an investigation.”

The detainees found with weapons will be punished, Varela said, along with  those identified as allowing  them to enter.

The exact date of filming is not known, but the men in the video, were identified as belonging to different gangs.

The president described the images as “unacceptable,”



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