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If You Are a Friend of Mine, Beware.

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Hi all,

Lucy from La Villa here. My friends in Boquete know of my ex husband, who is becoming increasingly erratic and violent. He has hacked my gmail and facebook account. I believe he has interest in harming the people who have been my friends, or have sent me kind messages on those accounts in the last few weeks. He told me four weeks ago that he has a 9mm handgun (I have the recording) and I am pretty sure he will use it. He also has a criminal record. Please be careful and pass this message around to anyone who might be affeced. If you think this is an overreaction, that's OK (and I hope you are right!), but I worry for all of the people that I called my customers at La Villa, and whom I still call my friends, PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

If you do experience harassment, please place a denuncia with the Personeria. 

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If this is correct and true....it is a serious problem and authorities should be placed in knowledge of this thing.  Unfortunatelly he hasnt done anything yet and authorities couldnt do anything based on assumptions but.... keep a close look at that.

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