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World Bank Loan to Aid Indigenous People


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World Bank loan to aid indigenous people


THE WORLD BANK has loaned Panama $80 million  to assist the indigenous population which forms 12% of the total inhabitants of the country, while 98.4% are in poverty.


According to documents from the Ministry of Government, 90% of  Indians live on less than a dollar a day, considered extreme poverty.



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As a "usually very up" Canadian, I apologize for seeming to be a skeptic Keith but with everything going on with Panama immigration these days, I admit to being a bit soured by the attitudes and lack of clear direction of the Panamanian government.  I am sure in the Martinelli era, these funds were also subject to the corruption of that government.  I work with the indigenous children at Casa Esperanza and am very fulfilled with this work and, while my contribution is small, I am glad other organizations are stepping up to help with funding.  It is really needed.

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