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Where to find the FBAR Report 114

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Every year I search for this form and can't find it. I googled it and opened what I thought was the official IRS form. After spending several hours filling it out (I have 7 bank accounts to report) I got to the end and found out it was a private service and they wanted $185 to email it in. There was no way to save or print the form.

I need to know the link to the official IRS form. Why do they make it so difficult????

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I finally learned what BSA stands for, and no I am not referring to Boy Scouts of America. It is the Bank Secrecy Act, which is administered by part of the Treasury Department; BSA is NOT enforced by the IRS, but rather the FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) part of the Treasury Department. It is still paperwork that needs to be done regardless of who enforces it.

Here is the PDF to start from, or you can download from the above link:


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