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This announcement from March 2017 talks about the major investments being made to improve water and waste systems throughout Chiriqui


New Sewage System for David marks a Historic Investment in Chiriqui

President Varela gave orders to proceed for more than B/. 300 million as part of the program "Basic Sanitation,100% Water, and Zero Latrines".

To the benefit of a population of more than 100 thousand inhabitants, President Juan Carlos Varela gave the order to proceed to the start of the construction of the "Sanitary Sewer System and Wastewater Treatment in Chiriqui", which cost exceeds $ 296.8 million dollars.

"This will be the largest project that IDAAN runs at the national level in its history. This project will change the physical appearance and health of the city, avoiding the constant spills and obstructions of the health system, as well as the sources of pollution", stressed the President.

The Pentech-Suez company, contractor of the work, will have 24 months (two years) to complete this ambitious project, which will change the appearance of the city, avoiding the constant spills and obstructions of the system.

B/. 11.8 million in Basic Health

a total of 15 orders to proceed in Basic Health Program projects "100% water/ 0 latrines", and improvements to community parks, were delivered by the President of the Republic, and the Executive Secretary of the National Council for Sustainable Development (CONADES), Manuel Soriano in the province of Chiriqui to benefit more than 30 thousand people.

The investment of these projects amounts to more than $ 11.8 million dollars and will impact directly to the inhabitants of Jaramillo where 119 units will be built; Horconcito with 132 units; in Boca Chica with 9 units; Los Algarrobos with 122 units; El Tejar with 214 units; El Porvenir with 216 units; Bagala with 2350units; Pedregal de David with 899 units and Pedregal de Boqueron with 129 units.

In addition, it carries out the construction of bathrooms in the community of the Nancito with 112 units; San Lorenzo with 344 units; Bella Vista with 163 259 units; Cochea with units; San Juan with 258 units and Gualaca with 427 health units.

With regard to the improvements of the parks the corregimiento de Boqueron in the district of Boqueron, Rio Sereno in the Renacimiento district and Divala in the district of Alanje. The cost of this project is to B/. 500,503 and includes construction of benches, flower pots, monoliths for placement of plates, construction of pots, construction of walls in the gardens, and play areas, among other details.

With these deliveries in housing projects, basic sanitation and sewerage systems, the Government of the Republic of Panama reaches $ 1,859 million, 486 thousand dollars in investment for the province of Chiriquí.

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