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 At the moment my wife and i are stuck in limbo here in Nicaragua. With all the problems and comments flying around regarding legal status .visa .requirements  costs etc.and not one real piece of printed advice or confirmed government  documentation  just, he said .they said could be.maybe.

I thought it would be good to see  a country that does expat immigration  .visitor visa etc,well.very well in fact. The country of Malaysia. 

when we chose to leave Australia .Malaysia was an option but we chose Panama 

Why ?property at the time was cheaper.but the process to stay 10 years ago was not as easy as made out.and I suppose we gave up trying through frustration , head banging and the fact in the end we left and went back to NZ.

Have a look at a system which works and is so efficent. . Lawyers are government  approved and veted.fees are fixed.and you can communicate directly with English speaking government  officials.

it's called the MM2H PROGRAM.


The government  site is in English and is easily understood.


Just something  think about when you have to translate 60 pages of documents into spanish.


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There is a certain advantage to being an English colony as opposed to say a Spanish colony.  And Malaysia is a very new independent country, still with many "growing" pains.  Then there is the whole "other side of the world" thing for Norte Americanos to deal with. Nothing like being able to have breakfast in Panama and lunch in the USA and supper in Panama.


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12 minutes ago, MarieElaine said:

Does anyone know how easy it is to immigrate to Spain?  Cost of residency?

not hard.some places are expensive but on the whole not to bad.France is good.property is very cheap

great place to live.depends on attitude of course. 



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