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Farmer Murdered in Theft of Precolumbian Gold outside Volcan

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Farmer Murdered in Theft of Precolumbian Gold outside Volcan

Two armed and hooded men entered the family home of Caballero Elizondro, in Salsipuedes of Brenon, Renaissance, Chiriquí, and killed farmer Manuel Caballero, 59 years of age.with two bullets in the face.

The intruders, who arrived after 8:30 of the night to this locality, entered the house where I was Manuel Caballero and his wife, to demand will be given a "pre-columbian golden frog" that one of their children had found in the mountains near Brenon.

It is a piece of solid gold, about two cubic inches of thickness, which was found by the son of the couple and apparently had been trying to sell from several weeks ago.

The subjects receiving no response of the location of this part began to threaten the farmer and shot him in the face. At that time, the wife of the man managed to run to the back of the house and in the dark made her way for help to the residences of some neighbors.

Rony Eliécer Caballero, a neighbor of the family, said that the woman was crying, nervous and hysterical to his house, asking for help and requesting that he advise her son, to delay in arriving at the house, so as not to encounter the assailants.

The neighbor narrated that the subject left the scene in a car that was waiting to about 500 meters down from the house of the farmer, and fled in the direction of the border with Costa Rica in Paso Canoas.

Enrique Cedeño, resident and representative of the sector, regrets the incident by ensuring that for several years have been calling for a police post in Brenon and Salsipuedes, to stop these crimes.

The Public Prosecutor conducts an investigation into this crime: agents of the DIJ, CRIMINALISTICS of the Institute of Legal Medicine and the Border Police, remain from this morning of Saturday, the respective investigative acts for the purpose of clarifying the murder and catch the involved.


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Judge ordered the detention of a person for the Farmer's death

A judge of guarantees filed charges of murder and theft to José Baules, 21 years of age, for his alleged involvement in the murder of farmer Manuel Caballero, who was assassinated last Saturday of a shot in the face in Brenon of Renacimiento, province of Chiriqui.

The judge of guarantees also determined to enact legal judicial actions which led to the apprehension of Baules and applied the precautionary measure of pre-trial detention during the investigation stage.

In this hearing, the prosecutor of homicide and femicides of the Public Prosecutor's Office said that Baules acted as author in the murder and did not rule out ordering the arrest of another person, who could have participated in the crime.

José Caballero, brother of the murdered man, said he hopes for justice, because this was a working man, of good feeling and that only ensured the welfare of the community and his family.

Caballero was shot in the face, by two subjects that last Friday night's entered his house to demand they be given a pre-Columbian golden frog, that his son had found in one of the mountains near his residence in Salsipuedes of Brenon, Renacimiento.


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