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Ok now. So, there will be 4 of them to serve the community now? Plus the one private ambulance from Dr.  Lilliana Boya has?

5 ambulances for Boquete? I remember reading there are only 2-3 police vehicles. Is that correct?

Who is Rodney Direct gonna call? Are they all the same price? 

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On 3/12/2018 at 5:59 PM, Keith Woolford said:

Each one of the three existing ambulances is dedicated to their organization and that’s where there was a problem.

None were previously assigned to the community at large, afik.

Check with Rodny, but that was my understanding.


Ok. I just sent Rodney and email to find out who he calls and what the charges are.

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Rodny's reply:

I can call the ambulance from Dra. Boya, they have a paramedic to go with the patient. They charge 250 dollars to take you from Boquete to David. Plus any medication administrated to the patient while being transported. Also, the Hospital Chiriqui has an ambulance available for about the same rates. Remember all these are third businesses subject to changes on their rates. Also, public ambulances are available for free but depend on the type of emergencies and are kept for traffic accidents for example.
Take care.
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