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Not sure how you can start an altercation with someone and end up injuring them in self defense.

from Telemetro

A subject was surprised this Tuesday stealing otoes in a fica in the Prosperity of David, Chiriqui province, and ended with severe cuts.

The owner of the land said he saw the offender and confronted him, starting a fight between the two. The thief was injured as the product of several machete blows that hit him in the feet..

After the incident, the owner of the place was arrested. His sister ensures that the subject was a repeat offender and known by the inhabitants of the area, who are collecting signatures to release their neighbor on the grounds that he acted in self-defense.


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Unfortunatelly it is something that will be left to lawyers.  This is the result of the laws that sometimes seems to protect the criminals instead of the honest and correct citizens.  It is the result of the failure of the authorities to solve a problem of a continue action of the thief in the community.  This lead people to take justice by their own hands.  I have wrote about this subject in other local medias and twitter and there is a great concern of people in Panama.   We feel unprotected in some moments against the maleantes and people will be taking the law in their hand.  I have seen videos of maleantes caught in fraganti and people angry just very close to lynch the maleantes.  

Regarding the man owner of the house who cut the maleante with the machete.... it will depend on his lawyer and how he presents the case in order to get rid of any legal responsibility


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Our housekeeper tells us that the maleante apparently was stealing vegetables so that he could sell them on the local market. The maleante did lose one complete foot from the hacking with a machete by the homeowner; the other foot was damaged but repaired. Our housekeeper also tells us that the homeowner is being charged with a crime, but we don't know the particulars.

This is a situation where nobody wins.

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