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Diabetes kills one Panamanian every 6 hours


IN 2015  a total of 1,332 Panamanians died of diabetes mellitus at a rate of one every  six hours says a report from the Comptroller General.

The document,, reveals that this disease is the third cause of death in the country.Broken  down the statistics show  That 702 women  and 621 men died from diabetes.

Health authorities estimate that in Panama 324,000 people have diabetes, and  half are unaware of their condition.

Some  1,747,440  Panamanian  adults (60%) face problems of overweight or obesity, according to prepared by the Gorgas Commemorative Institute of Health Studies and the Ministry of Health.



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Authorities warn of increase of diabetes in Panama and urge prevention

Wed, 05/23/2018 - 13:54

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About 9.5 percent of the Panamanian population suffer from diabetes, a disease that currently also affects people between 20 and 40 years old when it used to be diagnosed in the population over 50 years old, the health authorities warned and urged people for more prevention.

 Diabetes is the fifth cause of death in Panama and is linked to overweight and obesity, conditions that now affect more than 50 percent of the population, said today in a public statement the Minister of Health, Eric Ulloa.

 "As much as there are clinics and hospitals, if we do not change our habits, we do not eat healthy, we do not exercise, we do not try to avoid daily stress and we do not devote ourselves to follow our controls, we will not be able to end these diseases," Ulloa said.

 The message we want to send to the population and patients "is that prevention depends on ourselves," added the senior Health official.

 The president of the Panamanian Association of Diabetics, Ernesto Collins, said that to avoid diabetes it is required to exercise and have a healthy diet, and if the person has already the disease, he should avoid sodas, juices, alcoholic beverages and fried foods," because these foods become a poison" for the patient.



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