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Concerns and Issues of the US Community

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To the American Community,


              First I would like to thank all 43 of you who took the time to respond to the request from the Consulate to relate your concerns about living in Boquete and Panama.  They have all been forwarded to Mr. Tran and the American Citizens Section for their attention.  

              One of the more prevalent themes was ‘justice for American Citizens’.  I realize that things seem to move very slowly, or not at all  in this area and there are really two issues – does the system work poorly for all in Panama, or only US citizens?  (I would also ask that you keep in mind that Panama law is based not on English ‘common law’ which you are more used to, but rather on codified law)

              I would respond to this , after living here and raising our family for 44 years, that the system does sometimes work poorly, but it does so for all residents of Panama. In the multiple interactions I have had with the Police and justice system (generally involving US citizens), I’ve always been struck by the thoughtfulness and courtesy extended to US citizens – well beyond that of the general population.


              Second, below you will find a note from Mr. Kenneth Hoelfle which I have taken the liberty of forwarding to you all.  I think he expresses the feelings of many. This morning I had the unusual opportunity to address at least one of his concerns.

              The contract for installing sewers and water systems in Boquete is a joint operation between two contractors, CUSA and Aprocosa.  The former is the largest , oldest and most professional in the country.  The latter, less so.  The latter has the job of actually doing the work.

              This morning I had a conversation with one of the CUSA engineers who also has the contract to complete the Ruta Sur from Palmira to Potrerillos.  He pointed out two things. First, that the contract includes a complete repaving of all the Boquete streets. Second, the fresh water lines will be installed between the asphalt roadway and the sidewalk (sometimes called a ‘parking strip’).  I hope this answers some questions.



Price Peterson

Warden Emeritus.



From: Kenneth R. Hoefle [mailto:krhoefle@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 2, 2017 8:28 AM
To: price peterson
Subject: Re: [News Boquete] Concerns and Issues of the US Community


Mr Peterson -


Concerns and questions about the outlook, detail and project steps of our sewer and water construction project, that have virtually destroyed all of bajo Boquete's Streets, have grown to a crescendo and need answering.


People are leaving, while others who visit comment that Boquete is a third world wasteland, not a mountain jewel with promise.


Rumors swirl, as facts are absent. These rumors result in residents and visitors having fears of years without results. Rumors that construction, from the same contractors who have left Puerto armuelles roads a disaster, abound. Others refer to the years long police and clinic project in Alto Boquete as proof we'll never be finished with a quality outcome.


Anger and worries are the talk of everyone.... not a few, but all who frequent, or live in, or near bajo Boquete's mess and the community needs answers and hope.



Kenneth R. Hoefle

Panama cell: 507.6393.6420
Email: krhoefle@gmail.com
Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama

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