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The Ministry of Security announced the fifth 6-month extension of the Firearms importation ban yesterday. This follows Monday's slaying with an AK-47 automatic weapon of a Senafront officer in Tocumen as he was making his first rounds of the week.

Minseg extends for the fifth time the ban of import of arms

Irma Rodriguez Reyes | 13 Dec 2016 06.52pm


The Ministry of Public Security (Minseg) published on Tuesday afternoon in the Official Gazette, the Resolved 176/DIASP/16 which extends for six months, the suspension of importation of firearms to Panama.

This is the fifth time that the administration of Juan Carlos Varela emits an extension. The Minseg sustains that must establish "a set of controls and administrative interventions that condition for the benefit of the citizen security".

The suspension applies for companies authorised and registered to apply for licenses for the import of firearms.

The closure of weapons is maintained in spite of the criticism made by members of the Panamanian Association of owners of weapons (APPA), who have questioned that this has not helped in the reduction of crime and that affects the defense of the citizens.

The past 10 October, following the triple homicide in Rainbow, province of Colon, President Juan Carlos Varela ordered an audit on the carrying of weapons permissions granted at the national level.


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