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I am interested in learning if any technology experts here in the CL group know about the latest verbal Spanish / English translation devices or technologies?  I know about and use various online apps and services like Google Translate on my smart phone and computer, and others.  But since I haven't yet activated my speech on Google, I'm not sure if I can do what I want there.  My need is more with conversations than just words or phrases.  I'd like to talk in English at lengths of paragraphs (not sure how many words or characters) and have the translation to Spanish be voice transmitted, and then have the response in Spanish voice into the device be translated into English with a voice transmission.  And it would be great if the voice responses could have corresponding written responses.  I've seen Phrasebook's iTranslate Voice app, handheld or tablet devices like Ectaco has.  But before going too deep on my own research I just wondered if any of you have some advice?  And just so you know, I continue to improve my Spanish skills the old fashioned way and may now be at a 10 year old level :-).  Thank you.

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10 year old level?  Good for you!  I'm still in pre-school.  I wish we had the Star Trek universal translator, or that we could take some pill that would restore our brains to the condition they were in that allowed us to learn languages so easily as children.  I hope somebody has what you are looking for.  I would like an app like that.

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