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Great experience in Chiriqui Hospital

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On Thursday Feb. 16th I went to Chiriqui hospital to have a hernia repair. My doctor was called Reinaldo Isaacs, and is a gastrointestinal surgeon. I must say I had a very positive experience, in fact it was almost pleasurable. Dr. Isaacs organized the whole thing and it all went very smoothly....so much so that I came home at about 5.30pm after having the procedure at 11am. No, it was not a laparoscopy ( apparently they are not recommended for all cases), so I had a small cut and a piece of mesh inserted. I didn't even have any nausea afterwards..which was good because I was starving and thirsty.  Overall, not much pain at all ( which is good because I don't like pain!), and I am healing nicely. In fact I am back to walking 9 holes of our golf course again....I normally do the whole 18 but I have to take things somewhat easy! The cost was also extremely reasonable! So, if anyone is looking for a decent, competent, caring, very able gastrointestinal doctor who speaks good English, give Dr. Isaacs a call....(507) 777 8080, 774 0128 Ext. 2202, cell: 6948 2762. Email: reinaldo_isaacs@yahoo.com.

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