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102nd Sterilization Clinic in Volcan

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February 19th, 2017 - 48 animals were spayed/neutered by Dr. Andres Tello,
our wonderful veterinarian. He also performed several exams and removed
a venereal tumor from a female dog. To date we have sterilized 3,799 dogs
and cats.

http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/102nd.html See the link on the 
web page for the photo album of pictures taken during the clinic.

16 dogs and 6 cats were either last-minute cancelations or no-shows,
which is deplorable.

We will implement a new procedure in the future. Dogs or cats to be sterilized
that have other issues (in heat, pregnant, tumors, hernias, amputations, etc.)
require more time. When those animals are interspersed during the day,
people who have animals for sterilization only have to wait too long.
Therefore, animals with additional issues will be scheduled toward the end
of the day. (Thanks to Andrea Gonella for the suggestion.)

Our next clinic will be on March 19, 2017. Please call for an appointment
right away. The clinics fill up rapidly. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in our clinics today, and to those who
had their pets sterilized. Always remember that TOGETHER WE CAN


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