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Future Plans for Deli Baru in Boquete, Once Super Baru in Boquete Opens


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1 hour ago, Penny said:

Hard to believe there wasn't enough demand for pepper jack cheese. Everybody I know is wishing it would come back.


8 minutes ago, MarieElaine said:

Deli Baru in Boquete usually has pepper jack.  The new Baru should have an even greater selection of cheeses.

Both of these postings bring up an interesting question. What is the plan for Deli Baru here in Boquete once the new Super Baru in Boquete opens? Inquiring minds want to know.

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My landlord is the construction/engineering firm building the new Deli Baru.  It is not going to be a Super Baru but just a bigger deli.  Once the building is finished the old store will move to the new location.  All the fixtures and cases are going in as we speak so it should be open in March sometime.

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29 minutes ago, TwoSailors said:

BTW, anyone know what is going into the buildings under construction in front of Skate World and at the left corner at the Caldera check point on the highway going to David?

The sales agent at Boquete Canyon Village told me that the construction at the Caldera highway intersection is a new grocery store. She didn't give a store name.

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