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Doctors “red alert” on discrimination, corruption

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Doctors “red alert” on discrimination, corruption


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PANAMA DOCTORS  are gearing up for a confrontation with the Varela government over discrimination and corruption.

The National Medical Negotiating Commission (Comenenal) – representing 16 health worker groups,  at its February   meeting  declared a state of “maximum alert” among all its bases over the alleged “discriminatory attitude of the government towards the medical profession”.

According to the Comenenal, “deferred recognition” can be negotiated, but not with the exclusion of the benefits granted to other guilds in the health sector. “We refuse to say that we already receive too much and reject statements by authorities that most of the doctors agree with what was received,” said a Comenenal statement. adding that members of the guild cannot “accept these responses from the authorities when millions are spent on corruption. ”

Among the requests of the members of the negotiating commission are the “payments for shifts of internal and resident physicians and proportionality in the payment for the shifts.

They also emphasized that their commitment “is with the Panamanian people and against corruption in all its forms.”

The health sector guild said in its statement that “it will be on the side of just causes and will stand with all organizations of organized civil society that raise anti-corruption flags “.

The guild has convened a general assembly for Wednesday, March 8.



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