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I have a security system that was in our restaurant that I am selling.  It has an alarm panel, motion sensor, glass brake sensor, and a solar powered light and alarm that attaches to the outside of the building.  The sensors and alarm are Wifi so you don't need to run wires.  The alarm can be configured to call you phone if it goes off.  Also, there are 3 cameras and a DVR.  The DVR can be connected to a router and accessed on the internet.  The cameras can be monitored online real-time or you can view what has been recorded by the DVR.  An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is included so the alarm and cameras work when the electrical power is interrupted.  $700 for all.

I also have a employee time keeping system.   The time clock uses the employee's finger print to log in and log out.  $100

6761-7804 or 6785-8335

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