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Texas Holdem Players Wanted


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Texas Holdem Players Wanted

Our poker group is looking for people interested in playing No Limit Texas Holdem.

When: We play on Tuesday and Friday nights at 7:30pm. The game typically goes until about midnight. Players can start or quit at any time.

Who: Everyone is welcome to join us. We have both men and women players in our group. Skill levels vary with beginners getting help and tips along the way.  It is a very friendly, social group. We typically have between 7-10 players each night.

Where: Locations vary between a few private homes in the Boquete area. An announcement is made each day before the game via our WhatsApp poker chat group. In addition, some players car-pool to the game so they can enjoy a few drinks and not worry about the drive home.

How: The game is dealt by a professional ex-casino dealer keeping the game orderly, fair and enjoyable for everyone. This is a cash game – not a tournament. There are no wild cards or craziness. Standard poker rules are used with recognition that beginning players may not be aware of the finer points. The group is very helpful and courteous, making the game enjoyable for both beginners and experienced players.
Players are welcome to watch and join in when they feel comfortable.

What does it cost? Most players start the game with $50 or $60 in chips. The game is table stakes, meaning any cash or chips on the table at the start of the hand can be used during play. Players can add money to their stack between hands but may not remove money from play until leaving the game.

The game is No Limit Texas Holdem. The blinds are $1 and $2.  Average starting bets are in the $3-$6 range but the betting does get bigger as the pot grows.

If you would like to join us – either to play or just to watch, please send an email to Dan Porter at poker@twinwolf.net or a WhatsApp message to 6982-0018.

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