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Albert Stubblebine -- conspiracy theorist and ex-resident of Volcan

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Major General Albert Stubblebine died a few days ago. For several years he and his wife Dr. Rima Laibow  were controversial residents of Volcan. They were both extreme conspiracy theorists and felt they were hiding out in the mountains of Panama but in reality they were developing a commune or cult like development on the outskirts of Volcan. General Stubblebine was known for his work in the intelligence division of the army and was in charge of conducting psychic experiments, the most famous of which was training soldiers to stare at goats until their heads exploded.

A character ("General Hopgood") in the 2009 film The Men Who Stare at Goats  is loosely based on General Stubblebine as head of the project to walk through walls.

TRU TV once did a show with Jesse Ventura (ex governor of Minnesota and ex professional wrestler) interviewing Dr. Laibow. The theme was she flew in from her secret hideout in the mountains of Panama to a small undisclosed landing strip in the U.S. where Jesse interviewed her about her plans to develop a utopian community of followers in Panama. The truth is that the residents of Volcan gave the group so much grief they eventually picked up and moved to Peru.

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I am shattered to hear this news. I've been patiently awaiting the emergence of the right Charismatic Leader to whom I could become a loyal, unquestioning henchman. I feel I was born to be a boot heel, lick-spittle lackey. Are there any other top-secret compounds in those hills I should know about?


Still searching,



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Providing a cross reference link to another topic here on CL that refers to Stubblebine. See:

As a footnote, the above referenced topic was locked several months ago (specifically November 21, 2016), and so no more replies may be added there. If you wish to reply to that topic or this topic, you may do so here.

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Its strange, Dr Rima Laibow spilt the beans on this episode of jesse ventura Secret societies

Now we are actually experiencing an strange pandemic, with the threat of mandatory vaccines & fema type camps in victoria australia

Its also strange that people who appear mad are often the people who discover the truth.

Dr Rima Laibow has spoken the truth, and her words are coming true.


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