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This year Drs. Harrison and Andrew have brought their medical laser from their regenerative medicine practice in the USA with them to Boquete. They are working with Dra. Diaz to offer treatments at her clinics in Boquete and David.

Treat your toenails to a new look!

            Medications for nail fungus are expensive; have side effects; and rarely work well. Our laser goes right through the nail and kills the fungus dead.  Brand new nails grow out. Quick, painless, cheaper and safer than a long course of anti-fungal medication.


Get rid of “Age” Spots

            Age spots, “liver spots”, "sun spots" and even large pigmented lesions rapidly fade after laser treatment.

Remove Spider Veins

            Small spider veins and cherry angiomas disappear with one or two laser treatments.

Skin Rashes

            Psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, melasma and acne can be unsightly and even disfiguring. Laser treatments can dramatically diminish these rashes and clear up your skin.

Rejuvenate your face! Reduce facial skin dullness, rough texture, laxity and fine lines.

           Our laser treatment can make your skin smooth, glowing and vibrant again.


Warts and skin tags

            Sure, you could have these removed with surgery, but why go to the trouble when laser treatment is so much easier, faster and painless.

For an appointment in Boquete please call 6615-6740. For questions, pricing, or more information send your email to: questions @bajareque.com.

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