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Alto al Crimen--Hospital Cooperativo medical plan card delivery

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I have about twenty medical plan cards remaining to be delivered. I'll be at the BCP Market tomorrow (Tuesday, February 7) morning wearing my red tee shirt and hoping you will look for me and pick up your cards.  (Remember, you need your card more than I do!)

I'll bring a chair and try to find a place to park and post a sign that says "MED PLAN CARDS."  Last week I was near the Hospice and Health blood pressure table under the white tent.

Put the wallet size card in your wallet and keep the payment card in your home with your passport and other such papers.  You won't need it until renewal time.  Doctors, the pharmacy and other places at the hospital where charges are incurred will have a list of all AAC-related members who have paid by the year so that you can receive your discounts.

The Boquete expat community has made a welcome impact on Hospital Cooperativo.  We have put nearly $11,000 into their plan, and, in return, we are set to receive nice discounts on our medical services there.  

To be off to a good start, it would be a good idea to make an appointment with a doctor of internal medicine for a "get acquainted" visit and maybe put some of your medical records and medicine information in your file.  Then, when you have a medical problem you won't be looking for a doctor for the first time.

I have received some inquiries from people who procrastinated about signing up or who were away in the US when the open enrollment season ended.  We are working to have a volunteer who will manage another open enrollment period around mid-year.   Details have not been worked out, but we will probably pro-rate half a year and add to the next full year, which would be $225 for 18 months ($187.50 for additional members of the same household).  The idea is to minimize the administrative load by having the maximum number of renewals due in December-January every year.

If for some reason you do not pick up your card(s) this week, Please contact me to arrange come to my house or meet me somewhere mutually convenient.  My phone number is 6745-2828 (WhatsApp works). My email address is rhgusn@yandex.com


Bob Gregory




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