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In an effort to upgrade the number and quality of people working in the Panamanian tourism industry, the government is offering several programs.

This Tweet from the Presidencia is a notice of an available course in Tourism and Hospitality (Hotel Operations) for people between the age of 18 and 29 who can speak and understand Basic English.


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IFARHU is granting almost $3 million in scholarships to study Tourism and Hotel management in Spain and Switzerland.


The second contest of scholarships for the study of the careers of bachelor's and master's degree in Hospitality and Tourism in Spain and Switzerland will be open from 6 to 14 February.

The Institute for the Training and Development of Human Resources (Ifarhu) and the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), announced this Friday, the opening of the contest, which seeks to foster tourism activities in the country.

In total will be awarded 30 scholarships to study at universities such as Culinary Arts Academy, César Ritz Colleges, Next International Business School and others. The program will have a cost of investment of 2.8 million dollars.

As detailed in a statement, for degrees in the careers of Destination Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism with specialization in Marketing, Sustainable Tourism and International Hospitality & Event Management, participants must have an average of 4.0, between the ages of 18 and 25 years, and have completed their secondary studies.

On the other hand for master's programs in Tourism Intelligence: Management and International Competitiveness, the interested parties may be up to 45 years of age, and shall maintain an index of 2.00 and proficiency in English. While for the technician with a specialization in pastry, the requirements are: average of 4.0, between the ages of 18 and 40 years, and who can speak and understand English at an Intermediate or Advanced level.



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