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There is a very nice report on the Festival today on Telemetro

Jazz and Blues take over the mountains of western Panama

Boquete, the capital of the flowers of Panama, dresses up to present the 11 edition of the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival, with 38 national and 74 international artists, who interspersed their melodies to delight with the saxophone, trumpet, drums and harmonica.

The quiet town, located in the middle of the mountains of western Panama's Chiriqui province and with a temperate climate, caressed by the gentle breeze and the daub of summer is interrupted by the notes of the saxophone that together with the harmonica to dance to their viewers in restaurants and bars in this region, where every day in a different place.

The festival of Jazz and Blues music 2017 home tour Thursday afternoon in the park of Boquete with the presentation of a range of artists who were taking turns to make their presentations, which already have scheduled to delight visitors.

Carlos Rodrigo Branca, a member of the organizing committee, told Efe that all artists come from the United States, who come to stand before more than 3,000 people, attracted by the musical genres of Jazz and Blues.

"This was an initiative of foreigners who like Jazz 11 years ago and has been growing each year a little more and have wanted to involve the people. A few years ago we added the Blues. Among all the concerts we believe that we can have more than 3,000 people who come to this festival," said Rodrigo.

Another member of the Organizing Committee, John Wolf, added to Efe that are 4 days of presentations and will close on Sunday with the mega concert in Valle Escondido, an immigrant community that resides in Boquete, where artists will make their presentations, although some are returning to the United States after finishing his touch this Saturday.

The organizers of the event began on Wednesday with a colorful carnival parade through the streets of Boquete, where they made their first appearances.

The concerts will start from 12:00 local time (17:00 GMT) until 22:00 local time (03:00 GMT).

Jazz and Blues attracts from children to older adults, which are driven by the momentum of the electric guitar and the sound of the drums that make the perfect combination to attract audiences who enjoy these musical genres in this region of Panama.

The band composed of Marschall Keys and Scott Ambush in the United States; Alexander Brown, of Cuba, made his presentation before about 1,000 people and accompanied by the voice of the venezuelan Maria Rivas.

The Cuban Alexander Brown, based in Toronto, assured EFE that this is the second time that comes to Panama to participate of this festival "very happy".

The 15,000 residents of Boquete could appreciate the chords of The Lowrider Band, Joe Louis Walker, Guy Davis, Carolyn Wonderland and Dwayne Dopsie, among other artists that adorn "the biggest music event in the province of Chiriqui," according to the organizing committee.


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