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Beautiful 5,000 M2 Homesite near Lucero

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Enjoy the Lucero lifestyle without the high price tag.  Lots in Lucero and Alta Vista are listed between $85 and $100 per M2.  This lot between the two developments is $30 M2. 

It sits on an elevated plat but is nestled against a hill and, therefore, has better views over the valley out to the ocean, but is far less windy than the Lucero lots. 

The price includes a prepaid, standalone corporation ($1,500) and $15,000 worth of plans for a 3+ bedroom, 3 bath luxury home built around a courtyard and designed specifically for this lot to take advantage of the layout and view.


Several large ($50M - $70M) developments have been permitted along the road to this lot, insuring a substantial increase in value when they are completed.  And a new buyer recently bought the rest of this development and plans to complete the infrastructure as soon as possible - at which time the value of this site will double. 

Contact me at jrse@cableonda.net for more information

LC view.jpg

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