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Looking for Nice and Inexpensive House

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Clients of mine, a couple in the age bracket of 67-70 years old, are looking for a move-in ready, and structurally sound house. They have been in Panama various times and are now ready to buy. They will be here at the beginning of February.

They would like about 1500 sq ft or larger, some space on the property for a family garden, some trees or foliage, preferably on a lot that is not right next to the next house such as in a housing subdivision.

As they currently live at between 6000 and 10,000 ft altitude and for health reasons will need to be a little lower (up to about 4000 ft should work out), Boquete should be ideal.. 

Their budget is $ 140,000, which is the reason I am turning to this group for help: Do you have such a house you would like to sell? Or do you know somebody who is thinking of selling?

Many thanks for your help.         



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What strikes me is the budget and the need for some "isolation".  No neighbors close.  It's a safety concern I have for these folks.  Marion Clamp's story comes to mind.  Isolation ups the anty for security . That should enter into their consideration.

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I would be very interested to know if homes/lots are actually available in this price range as Carol describes.   My husband is a builder and we will be looking for a livable 'fixer' on a nice piece of land for possible purchase late in 2018.  We appreciate breathing room.  However....having visited the Chiriquí area extensively we understand how 'remote' some areas can be even if a short distance from David or Boquete.   And that is pause for many considerations, security being only one of them.  Transportation (if not driving) another.

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Security first....  Most Panamanians ride public transport and it is very available.  You should come here first, see for yourself, talk with people face to face here before you come to any conclusions.  Look at the various web sites, Casa Solutions being just one.  You can get an idea on prices which to me seem fairly high in this area.  I'm sure there is something in your price range available but you really really need to check it out well here first...in person.   Then you will know....better at least.

Isolation might be fine in the US or Canada.  It's not so fine here with regard to security .  If isolation is that important...then this may not be the best idea for you moving here.   If you were to live here for awhile you would understand what I mean. 

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