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It's rare to find a good salad in Boquete. Even rarer to find a salad bar or DIY salad.

Thankfully JuiceMi (not to be confused with the California drinks company of the same name) has come to the rescue of saladholics here. We came upon this restaurant (which offers a lot more than juices) because Renny scheduled our Spanish class to meet there. We expected a juice bar, but were pleasantly surprised to find a full service restaurant with a substantial breakfast and lunch menu (hours 10am-6pm). The highlight was the salad menu - pretty much a whole page unto itself. Juicemi offers standard salads, but the top half of the menu is dedicated to build-it-yourself choices with maybe a couple dozen ingredients to choose from. Choose  up to 8 items and you get a regular size salad ($3.50) and up to 12 ingredients gets you a grande ($5.50). If you want protein you can add things like chicken, tuna, etc. for a small added charge.

I ordered the regular size the first two days we were there for takeout lunch after class. The veggies were fresh and crisp. With the little bit of protein I added at home it was quite a satisfactory full meal. As there are enough ingredient choices to keep this from getting boring I think I'll make a habit of it.

Juicemi is located across the street from Banco Nacional; catty-corner from the Delta station; across Avenida Central from Los Establos plaza (mas o menos).

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We enjoyed a super smoothie and a big serving of nachos yesterday at JuiceMi.

First time for us, and we're heading there for breakfast soon.

We met David, the owner, and he is dedicated to providing good, healthy food.

We understand that JuiceMi is closed on Wednesdays.

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Marcelyn and I are pleased that Bajareque started this topic. We had driven by Juice Mi (actually, I believe the full name is Juice Mi Restaurante and Deli, according to David) on many occasions, but thought little of it. Then with this topic we stopped by (as documented above) for some nachos and smoothies. Not only was the food good and the prices reasonable, but we really enjoyed the conversations with David (David Hatton is the owner) and Josmin (not sure of the spelling of his name). All conversations were in English, but when I practiced my [admittedly poor] Spanish, they responded in Spanish and helped me with the pronunciation.

So Marcelyn and I went back for breakfast yesterday morning. They are open 8:00am to 8:00pm everyday except Wednesdays (as noted above). It was our second very pleasant experience at Juice Mi.

Marcelyn had fried eggs and her usual black coffee. I ordered the breakfast burrito and asked for orange juice. On the OJ thing, I asked if the OJ was canned or carton, and the look on Josmin's face was what are you talking about; we only do freshly squeezed orange juice. Oops, pardon me. With a smile of satisfaction, I said "bring it on".

Marcelyn's coffee took several minutes, and so she asked me (having an empty cup delivered to our table) if it was self-serve. I had no idea, and then out came the freshly brewed coffee in a "French Press". I had never seen such, and so Marcelyn explained it to me. Her coffee was really top notch, so much so that she wanted to know what brand the restaurant uses. Josmin said it is unlabelled, and organic.

In short order our main courses were delivered, along with my fresh OJ. Here are some pictures of them.

Fresh OJ.png


Breakfast Burrito.png


Fried Eggs Plate.png

We certainly will be going back. If I was forced to find something to fault, it would be that the servings are quite large. I could eat only 1/2 of the burrito, but then took home the leftovers. Parking (lack thereof) would be the only other complaint. What is wrong with this scenario? Good food, good prices, nice and quiet ambiance, customer oriented staff! Of course, we will be be going back.

Here is one last picture of the outside of the building, which is immediately across the side street from Banco Nacional.

Juice Mi panorama.jpg

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As an aside, you can communicate directly with David Hatton (the owner) because he is a CL member. You can either post in the forums, or send him a Private Message (PM) using @Juice Mi Restaurante and Deli. Clicking that link will take you to his profile, and then just click on the envelope icon to the right of his Display Name. (On tablets and mobile devices the envelope icon may not have enough space to display; there is nothing we can reconfigure to help in those cases.)

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Marcelyn and I were at Juice Mi last Saturday for several hours because we were volunteers for the "Poker Fun Event" that was sponsored by Amigos de Boquete Comunidad (ABC). Juice Mi was a business supporter of that activity. During our three hours there for that event, we chatted with David Hatton, the owner of Juice Mi. He told us about a new breakfast menu item, which is basically an omelet but with an outer shell (a kind of cocoon) of shredded potato.

We were so intrigued that we stopped by Juice Mi this morning for breakfast, and to try out the new potato encrusted omelet item. We arrived about 9:00AM, and placed our order. It turns out that he will prepare that omelet with whatever inside fixings one asks for. Since Marcelyn doesn't do well with onions, we said to put everything on it except for onion. What came out was a huge omelet that was as tasty as any omelet that I have ever had. We cut it in half for a picture so that you can see the innards. Note the bacon on the far edge of the plate, which also comes with this menu item.


Oh, and Marcelyn's coffee was again served in a French press, and tasty. My freshly squeezed orange juice could not have been better.

If you haven't tried a breakfast at Juice Mi, you don't know what you are missing. Good service, good food, and very reasonable pricing.

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